Wild Goose 2011

This is going to be a very basic post of thoughts on the inaugural Wild Goose Festival.

There were many positive aspects to the festival. First and foremost, for young families the children’s program was fantastic, Shea was able to become part of the community and
form friendships. He had a lot of fun during the day and it was a great enabler for parents to partake more fully in the festival and be part of the developing conversations.

There were a number of contributors that I felt blessed to hear for the first time – Margot Starbuck, Richard Rohr, and John Dear were all new voices to me. These contributors provided some inspired insights into peacemaking, spiritual practices and challenging stereotypes.

The music was great, although we only heard David Bazan and Jennifer Knapp. We certainly did not get to hear much of the diversity in music that was being offered.

Overall the festival provided a good space to meet new people and re-connect with others.

There were a few drawbacks – perhaps contributors could have been given 55 minutes, in order for people to move from place to place. It’s always bad to miss the beginning of talks.

An opportunity for more debate would have been a neat thing, I appreciate the geodesic dome provided for conversations, but some structured conversation between two sides may have been beneficial. For instance Nadia Bolz-Weber commented on some points of divergence with Tony Jones – it would be interesting to hear things such as these brought to a debate.

Also the closing service, whereas well intentioned did become a back-patting exercise. While it is important that we recognize those who contributed to the festival’s success, perhaps an hour on a hot day at lunchtime was not the most appropriate

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